Please use this template for submitting your abstract

Abstracts should be submitted from February 3, 2020 to March 30, 2020.
The abstracts should be submitted by email to
The abstracts should be no longer than half a page. Please indicate the desired format (poster of oral presentation).
The program will be announced by the end of April.
A poster session is scheduled for June 29, 2020 after the main session.

Instructions for composing the abstract:
  1. The body of the abstract must be composed using 11 pt Times New Roman.
  2. The context of the research work, the objectives, the methodology, the main results and conclusions must be clearly mentioned in the abstract to facilitate a smooth review process.
  3. The main results and conclusions must be supported with a single figure which can be composed of multiple subfigures. The figure caption must be composed using 9 pt Times New Roman.
  4. The entire abstract (including text, figure, references) must not exceed one Letter size page with the specified typesetting.
  5. References must be numbered sequentially in their order of appearance as [1], [2].
    A reference list must be provided at the end as:
    [1] Author 1, Author 2, and Author 3, Journal name volume, p. (year).
  6. A pdf version of the abstract must be sent via mail to